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In Our Dreams We're Flying

Album released December 2011 on Bandcamp, February 2012 on iTunes et al. Digital only.

In Our Dreams We're Flying is a sort of a folk-rock album about people and how people and humanity and stuff.

This has been a lot of work, but in the modern world of home recording, it hasn't cost a lot of money. The music industry is also ridiculous, and music is nice, so it's free. No catch, but you can choose to pay something for it if you so desire. Otherwise you're very welcome to enter $0 and download it for free. I hope you like it, and if you do, the best thing you can do is tell a couple of other people about it.

My old album, Walking Under Ladders, is still for sale for a fixed price because it's printed on physical CDs - which cost money. However this album, in my own opinion at least, is better. I put the older album together with similar equipment but a lot less experience.

Mastering was done in-house (literally in my house), but much care has been taken to get a hopefully professional-sounding end result.

The embedded player below links directly to my Bandcamp page, which handles the streaming and downloading.

Walking Under Ladders

Album released April 2007. Compact Disc.

Walking Under Ladders has 14 tracks covering music I liked from what I recorded in 2004 until early 2007.
It's all self-produced, and some of it is from a while ago so my songwriting and mixing weren't quite up to the standard they are now, but I made it to the highest standard I could at the time.

All my subsequent music has been released for free and I plan to continue that trend. For this album I have already invested significantly in physical CD stock, so I'm still selling it, but it's only $15NZ.


Not so many places anymore, but you can still get it from:

Bandcamp - see the embedded player below. You can order the physical album from here, and also buy individual tracks as downloads.

SmokeCDs, an online CD store. They ship internationally.

Marbecks, the CD store, also has it if you do a search.

Reviewer's comments

“I didn’t know anything about it. What a lovely surprise. It’s a really neat album, really surprising songs, so I hope he gets discovered.” - Sweetman, Simon (2007, May 2). Good Morning, TV1.

“Bill Borman has done a remarkable job with his debut CD Walking Under Ladders. As he is obviously quite a reflective, introverted and intelligent character, his lyrics have real substance and display a thoughtful soul.” - Fuller, Piers (2007, April 25).Wairarapa News, 9.

“(Bill's) compositions and lyric writing show maturity way beyond his years, this guy is really going places!” - Christopher, David, & Loveday, Christine (2007, June 13).

New Stuff

New stuff released since the latest album.

When I Rule The World (I'll Tell You All To Love) MP3 FLAC lyrics
But ruling the world can be harder than one might think.
May 2012.

Other Old Stuff

Stuff that didn't make an album but otherwise has some value.

Some of these mixes aren't amazing - when I put together the album I fixed up a lot of the older mixes and these haven't had that treatment.

People Like You MP3 FLAC lyrics Video
This is the old version of People Like You. It's a completely different song to the one on the album, but the lyrics have the same theme. I didn't like this one so much so I wrote a new one.
October 2010.

Stuck In The LoopMP3 FLAC lyrics
(Don't Get) ...
Going for an old recording sort of sound on the earlier part of this. Not sure if it was a good idea or not.
July 2010.

Giving Back MP3 FLAC lyrics
This was supposed to have a bridge/chorus as well as the verses but more lyrics didn't add anything, it's finished as it is anyway. So you get an instrumental bridge/chorus instead with nice chord structure. I realised a while ago that the last verse rhymes "things" with "things", which is terrible, so I changed "...always try to take her things" to "...always try to clip her wings." But then I forgot. So the lyrics file reflects how it should be, not how it is.
July 2008.

A Complex Thing - Banjolele version MP3 FLAC lyrics
"And real life is a complex thing to calculate."
This is simple a version of A Complex Thing with banjolele!
December 2007.

The Band Is Playing MP3 FLAC lyrics
"And they only sing the truth / So they only sing 'I am'"
November 2007.

Etiquette MP3 FLAC lyrics
"There's a subtle dissonance in sympathetic resonance / Reminiscent of the things we say
There's a harsher undertone / But it goes away"

October 2007.


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In other words, all tracks here are free to download, give to anyone, modify, record covers of etc. as you like, as long as you give credit to me as the original author and you're using it non-commercially. If you'd like to use something here commercially, ask me about it via the contact page.